Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Easter is about celebrating the life of Jesus and what He did for us. Easter changes everything – because if Jesus didn’t come back from the dead then nothing we do as a church makes sense. Paul put it simply – 1 Corinthians 15:17 “ and if Christ had not been raised, then your faith is useless and you’re still guilty of your sins” Without the resurrection of Jesus there is no Salvation, no forgiveness of sins, no resurrected hope of eternal life.

The cool thing about the death and resurrection of Jesus is the evidence and prophecies of the Messiah from 1000 years beforehand. Then there is the evidence after the resurrection of Jesus. It was documented that over 500 people saw Him at different times. All throughout scripture the evidence is enough to prove that Jesus died and resurrected from the dead. Some actually thought that the disciples stole His body to create the story. Though, the disciples had nothing to gain through lying.

Paul is a great example to understand the power of the resurrection of Jesus. He was killing and persecuting Christians. Check out Acts 9:1-31 – this is when Paul understood the power through the resurrection of Jesus Christ and turned His life around completely. The salvation of Paul is a true example of the power in Jesus Christ – Its transforming.

Paul summarized the resurrection simply – 1 Cor 15: 1-9 – Christ died for our sins, for our freedom. Our role as Jesus’ disciples is to point people towards the message of Christ- as Paul did. Its up to us to make a choice whether we believe in Jesus or not – it takes faith. By having faith is believing in Jesus, it’s believing in the power of His name and telling people about Him.

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