New Testament Characters: John pt. 2

New Testament Characters: John pt. 2

“ God is light; in him there is no darkness at all”

This week we had a look at the book of 1st John. John the apostle – one of Jesus’ best friends and was a common witness of a lot of Jesus’ movements, teachings and miracles. John Wrote to combat false teachers within the church – confusion, trouble, and lack of security. John presents Jesus as Gods physical light – Jesus represented; hope, love, miracles, raised people from the dead, crucified and resurrected – these are just a few examples of how Jesus is a true representation of Gods light.

What about present day reality of Gods light? There is more foundation to our faith than just historical facts we read about- its powerful, mysterious and relevant. How do we actually understand Gods light in our life? How do we show God’s light to other people in our life too? John basically put it all down to love. Jesus showed people love with a sacrificial love – selfless and unconditional. That’s how we can show God’s light. The beauty about this message is we can reflect on how we show love to people in our loves – we have all been assigned a group of people to love on – family, friends, work colleagues.

So as Christians, we are called to show God’s light and love. Though sometimes in our life we feel as if we don’t have the capability or capacity to love the way we should. We need to remember that Jesus is our source of Love. Without seeking full fulfillment in Him we will never be able to represent a true example of His love or light to others, as well that we may run out of steam, feel exhausted, confused or disappointed. 1 John 1:5 just shouts out freedom and solution. In Him we can find love, rest and light.

We are called to love in a world, which is desperately in need of love. Though, love has a cost. God doesn’t change the world with information or words – he changes it with transformation. Transformation happens when light is able to shine in the darkness. The light stems from the love we carry – we are God’s people, we carry the very love and light of God which shines through darkness.

Be The Church.

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