New Testament Characters: Martha

New Testament Characters: Martha

This week we had a look at Martha – a character in the bible that is known for ‘a woman with great Faith’. Martha can teach us a lot of lessons, though in this blog we’ll focus on how she waited well.

Check out John 11: 1-6 and 17-27 – Martha’s brother has died four days earlier, even though she sent a message to Jesus (who’s their close friend) asking him to come which he received in time – so she’s been waiting for Jesus for more than 4 days now and had watched her brother die. Now, Martha is known for being a woman of great Faith. She knew the miracle Jesus could perform- she understands completely who He is. But she had to wait on jesus to perform the miracle that she was so desperately waiting for.

The reality is that waiting for God is one of the hardest things we have to do and yet all of us are probably waiting for something – some of us it’s for our first boyfriend or girlfriend, some it’s a husband or wife, some may be waiting to finish a qualification and some may be waiting for children, but the thing is that even if and when that thing arrives, we’ll then move on to waiting for something else – the next boyfriend or girlfriend, the next job, the next child on and on it goes – it’s the journey of life and we will spend far more time in the waiting than at any destination.

So what can we learn from Martha? How do we wait well, in the big and in the small – in the hope realized and the hope deferred, in the victories and in the defeats, in the joys and the sorrows? One of the things we can take from Martha is the interaction with Jesus is completely honest. After going out to meet him, the first thing she says to him is “Lord, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Jesus cares about the big and the small – in fact he wants us to come to Him for everything – He wants to be our Lord just as Martha exclaimed that Jesus was her Lord above all despite her hardship. Facts and circumstances don’t replace or change truth – the truth of who Jesus is, that he is faithful, that he is good, that he is victorious and that He loves us and wants the best for us.

The second lesson we can learn from Martha is to: to wait well in Faith we have to choose to elevate truth above facts. We have to keep Jesus at our lens that we see things through. It says in Hebrew 11:1 “ Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don’t yet see.” Waiting well is that when we live our life out of faith, then God is glorified either way – in the wait and in the answer, in the journey and the destination, because in that process we’re being refined to be more like Him and refining produces gold and makes our life shine in a way that brings Him glory.

Lastly what we need to remember is that Jesus is with us every step of the way – He’s waiting with us. He is on this journey with us. Holding to the simple truth of who He is, and knowing that He is never going to forsake you. Just for Martha – what he did for her in the end was so much better than what she was hoping for – even if that “better” is ultimately being more like Him – after all, isn’t that what this journey of being a disciple is all about?

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