We don’t just want to go to church – we want to Be The Church.

Its starts with Jesus’ two greatest commandments: to love God and love other people.

So what does it mean to Be The Church…

We want to live a life that reflects Jesus’ message

  • Jesus said “I will be build my church.” We aren’t looking for new vision – we are working together to fulfil His
  • we want to teach the Gospel as well as demonstrate it
  • as we read the book of Acts we want to live it
  • we don’t just want to hear stories of God’s power, we want be able to tell our own
  • we want to be transformed to be more like Jesus and that requires us to constantly be moving

We think community works best as a team

  • we all have a part to play and everyone belongs
  • we are all image bearers of God with gifts to use for His purpose
  • we operate first out of our relationship with God, then from our relationship with each other

We have a cause to fight for

  • faith without works is not enough and works without love is not acceptable
  • we want to be known in our community because we make a positive difference – people should notice if we are not there
  • we want to help everyone live the supernatural life that Jesus died for and that they were intended for