We Love Scarborough.

Our church is based in the heart of Scarborough, Perth Western Australia. We believe that the church is one of the pillars of society (as well as business, education, government, the arts, media and family) and as such we should have a positive impact in our community.

In support of that we run a range of community services such as the Groundswell Surf Festival, Beach Chaplaincy and the Community Jam.

We have also set up the We Love Scarborough website and our We Love Scarborough Facebook page that is a central place for finding out about what’s happening in the area, local news, find great cafes, bars and coffee shops and meet some of the locals.

We also like to help people who may have needs – we call this #lovelove

We have a team of friendly volunteers who can help with many things including the following:

  • Hospital or home visits
  • Crisis assistance
  • Wedding and funeral officiation
  • Practical house help
  • Meals
  • Prayer
  • Referral service for accommodation, counselling etc

If you need help or would like to volunteer then please contact us using the form below: